Percolate is proudly Made in NYC, specifically downtown Manhattan (we’re in Soho). Every morning Percolators from all over the boroughs (or three of them at least) take trains, buses and their own two feet down to our office on Broadway. Unfortunately, earlier this week #Sandy did a pretty good job messing up those plans leaving the city without trains and lower Manhattan without power.

After taking a day to regroup we set up some mobile operations from “offices” around the city (and country). Here’s a look at our distributed Percolate HQ set up.

This is our South Brooklyn location. Highlights of this office include office dog and Shake Shack just a block away.

Another Brooklyn locale. A few folks with intentions to make it over to our South Brooklyn spot couldn’t get here. Here’s a few more (South) Brooklynites:

Coffee shops work too …

Moving north in Brooklyn we get to our Williamsburg location …

Continuing north we find ourselves out of Brooklyn and into Queens …

And then back across the bridge (which is now open) into Manhattan where we’re pretty distributed across the city …

(That baby does not work for Percolate.)

And then we have a few folks who couldn’t make it back because of the storm and find themselves in Pennsylvania and Texas respectively …

All in all a good showing of resiliency.

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